Press release: New Tango app finds available parking spots

The Hague, Thursday September 17, 2020 - Finding a parking space can be quite a challenge, especially in urban areas, resulting in stress, time loss and air pollution. Pressure that will further increase, as ever fewer parking spaces are calculated for new construction. Tango, focusing on offering mobility solutions, is launching a pilot on 18 September, working with the municipality of Haarlemmermeer and the company Spotten, in which an app directs the user to available parking spaces at street level in real time. For the next 6 months, drivers who live and / or work in Hoofddorp or visit the city can test the app for free and provide feedback. Together with users, Tango wants to further develop services aimed at the future of mobility.

Algorithm shows parking probability

Edwin van Walsum, Mobility Strategy Coordinator at Tango: “The Tango parking finder uses a very powerful algorithm that translates past and present parking data based on all kinds of available data from partners - such as car manufacturers, navigation systems, telecom providers and parking sensors - into the exact parts of a street where there is most chance of finding a free parking space”.

So drivers do not navigate to an address, but to a free parking space near that destination. They are also informed via the app about the average search time, parking rates and possible restrictions. “This way you know exactly how much time for parking and other things you have to take into account. In the end, we hope to prevent a lot of parking stress,” says Van Walsum. Finding back your car is no longer a problem either, the application remembers its collation.

Pilot in Haarlemmermeer

Marja Ruigrok, Councillor of the Municipality of Haarlemmermeer: ​​“As Councillor for Traffic and Transport, I find it very important to invest in smart innovation. This requires experimentation and pilots like this one. The app ensures a good distribution of car traffic and prevents motorists from driving around endlessly during busier periods. ”

The app was developed in partnership with international technology player ParkNav and has been adapted for this pilot by Spotten, a collaboration between Dura Vermeer and T-Systems. This innovative start-up offers unique parking services by using IoT technology and other data sources in a very smart way. Mart Teulings, Operational Manager of Spotten: “Our ambition is to ban search traffic for free parking spaces, in the city, for work or on the road. This ambition stems from a belief that parking can be done much better and smarter. We would like to prove this in Haarlemmermeer, by using Internet of Things technology in a smart way and feeding the algorithm behind the app with relevant information. “

Future mobility

Introducing this app, Tango is fully committed to offering broad mobility services fitting the future. “Many people know Tango for its unmanned service stations, but we want to offer our customers much more than just fuel. We are in the midst of the transition to a broader mobility player with all kinds of services that offer our customers more comfort and make mobility easier and more sustainable”, emphasizes Van Walsum. Last year, Tango invested in car sharing company SnappCar and recently the company announced that it would be fully committed to expanding the charging network for electric vehicles in the coming years.

The app is currently available for free download for Android users from the Google Play Store.

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About Tango

Tango introduced the unmanned refueling market in the Netherlands since its first unmanned petrol station in Nijmegen in 2000, building a national network of currently 196 petrol stations since then. In addition, Tango is the first brand to offer unmanned petrol stations on major highways. Convenience, speed and price are central to Tango. Smart refueling has become a household name because of Tango's unmanned stations, getting to your destination in a smart way is what Tango focuses on. With super-fast charging stations with Tango electric, an app to find them, car insurance where you only pay for the kilometers driven and, together with SnappCar, making car sharing attractive. It is Tango's ambition to further develop into a broad mobility-oriented service provider in the future.

About the municipality of Haarlemmermeer

Haarlemmermeer offers a unique place to live and work in a special landscape. The polder is characterized by the Cruquius pumping station, the Defense Line of Amsterdam, the Calatrava bridges and Schiphol Airport. Haarlemmermeer is a striking part of the Metropolitan Region. It is central, active, innovative and connecting. Haarlemmermeer is the dynamic heart of the Randstad.

About Spotten

Spotten was founded in 2018 and originated from a collaboration between construction company Dura Vermeer and IT service provider T-Systems. Spotten focuses on innovative parking solutions through a mix of data, software and hardware that communicates via the NB-IoT network. Thus they help all parties overcome parking challenges; government agencies and companies. Their clients include the municipalities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Bosch, Enschede and various real estate-related clients.